How to earn bitcoin faster in faucets and better diversify over time, create your own faucet and other tricks.

Bitcoin win, that's the dream of many and the purpose of others, first of all, which is bitcoin?
I think if you've reached this page because you are supposed to know it but because, I'll make it easy, bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, ethereum, bytecoin (BCN) and many other digital currencies are exactly that, digital currencies, criptomonedas, but no physical money DIGITAL and with this in mind that it's a bitcoin or are criptomonedas let us proceed.

I'll leave you with one more thought before continuing. The bitcoin and blockchain technology is the future of finance so feel happy to know and understand it's a bitcoin or at least the term of bitcoin and in the future will go to buy from a supermarket and pagaras with bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

Some pages have a list of websites to win criptomonedas such as bitcoin, dogecoin, ethereum, peercoin are:

As Faucetbox is a page where you will find lists of faucets that usually work with faucetinabox to grant or decimal satoshis bitcoin as you want to say and equal form has faucetbox list of faucets that give doges among other criptomonedas.
Makejar is another page that gives a very good list of many pages of good caliber of good taps and easy to understand.

How to win more bitcoin, dogecoin and other criptomonedas easier than usual? Simple, look for the biggest faucets that pay plus you get more benefits go for them instead of smaller, since smaller faucets will falter talves less time than one that pays 1000 satoshis but will give about 100 satoshis and the idea is to work little and have many satoshis, doges, etc.
Another page that has a rather extensive list of faucets not only bitcoin is ifaucet. net this site has a large collection of faucet but this anyone can get any faucet so occasionally you will find with faucets that promise 1000 satoshis of bitcoin and only give you 50 satoshis or 100 satoshis and this is annoying that mislead the user.

You have your own list if you want of what are the best faucets bitcoin or any cryptocurrency and saves the links or keep them in your bookmarks to claim and win more easily criptomonedas, the currency that most everyone is looking for is bitcoin I personally Seeking more dogecoin and bitcoin, dogecoin in faucetbox the minimum retirement are 45 dogecoin if I'm not wrong change in bitcoin to remove in faucetbox the minimum retirement are 13000 satoshis bitcoin see the big difference, usually want as quickly besides that if you make trading of criptomonedas you'd better having dogecoin and pass it to bitcoin.

And if you are an expert user and with some money you can make your own bitcoin faucet, dogecoin or any cryptocurrency to make a faucet but I prefer to give my users bitcoins. Remember to create your own faucet have to have an investment of satoshis or cryptocurrency you want to "give" in your faucet me with my first faucet inverti 10 $ in satoshis and I still have 600000 satoshis and google adsense I got gains 23 $ subtracting the $ 10 left me gains 13 $ liquid all in dollars, that if I had a web host that was paying me a friend, by the way if you read this CrisoftPc thanks xD, but not everything is rosy as those 13 $ were made in one month of which my faucet was active only 15 days or so since the bots in the faucets are the order of the day, I had to make several changes and strategies for profit and fight bots, now I have page I made for the theoretically dumped faucet but I have tried to sell and am offering in just $ 10 the source code to maximize profits and fight bots, I had no money for hosting so when you held on hosting my friend had to take down the faucet and as I said were 600,000 satoshis of $ 10 inverti in bitcoin, that would be about $ 5 if I'm not wrong. My faucet few days generated up to 5 dollars but there was little generally usual to 1, 2 or 3 dollars a day and the maximum hiso in one day was 5.50 very good dollars and there was only given 60 thousand satoshis is a big gain, as I said, already had optimized my faucet and had a good placement of ads for the user cupliera with 3 poster advertising adsense and visit advertising if it was to their liking, which as you know well is how they work the faucets, das bitcoin, dogecoin, etc. in exchange for advertising they see.

Another data against bots is to have a potentially blocking ips strange or suspicious that I had to learn and I have locked in my database 250 ips which no longer bother me more with their bots. So I make sure not continue to rob me of my bitcoin.

Another thing that you will need for your faucet will be a hosting, there are several options choose the one you want, I had in hostinger and did not give me any trouble, was Premium logically, do not use a free hostinger for facuet bitcoin and only limited to 100 visits per day and those 100 visitors came quickly when you have your faucet.

Use to faucetinabox is the easiest to use to make your faucet or whether if you know someone who loves you sell yours can ask. But if you do not want to buy faucetinabox used for your bitcoin or dogecoin faucet or any of the other criptomonedas offered faucetbox but I recommend you give bitcoins. Remember that you need to have good security so that you do not steal your bitcoin, so you can use if you have your own domain pages to read if your visitors are using proxy or VPN.

Now, you'll leave a list of faucets bitcoin so you can win satoshis. I'll let the links below. All faucets below mentioned pay your bitcoin through faucetbox. Please do not change the referral link that will help me make a few satoshis and improve a little the site or work on a new project.



I've been thinking about doing an automatic place for anyone to upload the link of your faucet so will have new source of traffic but I'm still thinking things through.

But as I said is my opinion and the important thing is: what do you think ?, If you have any questions or recommendation faucets, bitcoin, dogecoin, criptomonedas general please put it in the comments.

If you want to help or invite to a cafe for good work, I leave my bitcoin wallet:


And my wallet dogecoin


Any donation is welcome and appreciated.
Or if you can not only share the post with your friends so that they can have this knowledge.
Have a great day.
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