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I've been looking for information on how to better monetize web pages because I have many visits as expected.

I have been many ideas to create websites but still do not have experience as a programmer needed because I think and believe that the Internet is a gold mine which has not been scratched or top;) so if you're reading this and some see've considered creating a website no matter what the target site thinks well as do not whether you should or not, the pages like google, facebook, youtube thousands more earn money based advertising and other thousands They make money by selling products or services.

To create a good web as "facebook" you have to create a service that meets a need in society and be free, diras -'Si is free as I make money? ' as I said before advertising, facebook is free but shows you ads everywhere and they make money when you see or you click on your ad, same with google adsense is with those who currently work on the page, you can see the sides have results and I make money when you give an ad click or per thousand impressions.

There are all kinds of pages, any page that you can imagine may exist or will exist, the Internet is a great place to do business whether you know computers or you're just a seller of cakes with a small shop in a certain place.

Who really has the power?
The reality is that users make the website as a page however good it is, if you have users is nothing as there is no profit. Google is free and you like and millions of people like, there are millions of people who are doing right now searches on google and and may generate income to google and generating income for many companies in fact see the video of a child falling from the stands , a cute girl showing her body or modeling.

We are in the era of the Internet and its connections, you can buy an app for your phone which you needed Internet to buy it, you see videos on youtube or similar which pages or charge a subscription or see ads and that generates money and makes many people generate good profits somewhere in the world, usually large companies are in USA but this is changing as many are having good ideas, programmers with very good ideas and high potentials and visions and possibly the capital are creating small services today but in a future may be large companies.

Paypal, Bit Coins, amazon, ebay, kickstarter and many websites had good ideas and put them to work now creators bathe in money thanks to those good ideas, his entrepreneurship and especially to the people who make these web pages .

Many think that creating a website is simple.

I will tell you the truth.

Of course it is very easy to create a website, forum, among some others, there are those who have already made automated tools that make you life easier. But this is not everything because you paid for a good template, a domain, hosting, etc.

But creating a website that generates large profits will have to learn to program, to create a design it to think about it and possibly suffer. Or as well if you want only generate large revenues but always depending on somebody else can you be Youtuber (no offense) or streaming or uploading content can work on any page. But this does not last a lifetime (or talves if?) And your winnings will be limited and clear less effort but you better try harder to get to get a profit.

Wasting time?

Wasting time trying to make money online working with pages that pay very little if you're someone who only has a blog or nor has it and posts links out there in Taringa, poringa, identify and otors sites warez and piracy, not you do!!! You earn very little money and wasting your time, work with these websites or companies when you have a great traffic on your websites or be someone who shares a link that many want to see there if but otherwise do not waste your time and you needed "a thousand "clicks for only $ 1 If you !! $ 1 and put "1" that is not true, you pay with forme countries you visit and if you visit Netherlands will pay little, I speak from experience and I have tried to make money online from aya by 2012, light was a rookie and still am, I've been through a lot but I need to go through more.

Create a website with pornography is for many a very good choice, even I myself have thought, have researched and looks good market although very competitive but you have to take many things into account, we returned to the same to create a simple web and in minutes which have little profit compared to create your own system and manage it better because creating your own system you know and understand your code and modify it as you wish. According to 2015 statistics were generated monthly 4 000 4 hundred million hits on porn websites, do not you think ?. lot Well, it is not because now everyone sees pornography. (Not all of course is an expression).

The Internet has millions of monthly visits these four thousand 4 hundred million visits are nothing compared with what is actually the Internet, as almost everyone is connected with different interests and ways of thinking, this makes have many searches and if you have a blog about how to create a cone of paper, or pick up trash, that's for sure but someone will see it, more than one person, even if not in quantity but someone will see it, someone made that search Internet, regardless whether in google, bing, ask, yahoo, etc.

Being famous in facebook is a way to make money.
To be famous in facebook like?
Being famous in facebook is an option to earn money, which can earn anywhere from a few dollars or even thousands of dollars if you're famous enough, or at least your facebook profile or page is. That your page fun laughter, your page anime, music, pictures, jokes, etc. If these pages have 100,000 likes can make money but little,

To be continued....
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