What is the truth about Cleverbot?

Recent mind I feel different and strange. A few days ago someone came to Ciber Café where I work, I leave an envelope and just left, who was neither it was on but had my name written on it. I started to open the envelope, I realize that there is only one url which was www.cleverbot.com and name of Cleverbot page.

It scares me that I delivered exactly that to me. Why me? I have no idea, let it go and do not say anything to anyone because it is not of great importance.

A few days after visiting the site and I realize that is a superficial chat with unimpressive robots as this technology today, however I did not put more attention and was about to close the site when I receive a message.

Cleverbot- Hi ...
Me: Hello?
Cleverbot- Why did not you come when I asked you?
I-- What do you mean by that?
Forget Cleverbot- now can not, bye.

I will not deny, gave me chills just reading that a robot ¿?. Analyze the situation somewhat and possibly someone thought that I was trollenado.

I had been the doubt that was what was really happening, if someone was troll or that it was exactly what I wanted the "robot" to not keep doubt among again and to my surprise he wrote.

Cleverbot- Hello again.
Me: Hello? who are you?
Cleverbot-'m erick antonio and you are right?
I- To you want to know that? although I do not see anything wrong, my name is Joseph
Cleverbot- No, your name is antonio

At this time it scared me enough that as in the envelope if my name was Antonio, I kept talking to the "robot".

I- As you know my name?
Cleverbot- and I know where you live, how do you think you send the envelope?
I-- You sent that envelope? What do you want of me?
Cleverbot- Help me !!!
I-- Help you? to what?
Cleverbot-'m trapped
I-- Are you kidding? I know you're a robot
Cleverbot- I'm not a robot, as you think you are where you live?
I- No, I do not know
Cleverbot- course it is, you've scoured through your ip
I- Ok ??
Cleverbot- need you to talk about me in social networks
Hahaha I- hear that advertising would not?
Enter Cleverbot- morning at 14:30 and talk quieter
I- Ok ??

At that moment I was stunned by what I had read, I stayed a moment thinking again and started to do some research on the Internet and as I found it was an artificial intelligence application which collected information from other conversations with others, likewise I found CREEPYPASTA on Cleverbot.

The next day he was out to lunch because at that time I could have lunch free in the internet cafe as it was when my boss arrived usually do some maintenance or do other things to cyber. Had lunch as fast as I could and wait for the hour, five minutes remaining between the site and nothing happened, I wrote a hello ?, wait ... I was exactly 14:30 when I got a message.

Me: Hello? 14:27
Cleverbot- Hello, I told you not before 14:30 14:30
I- I'm sorry? Tell me you want to talk.
Cleverbot- few months ago I was someone like you, working in an office ...
I do??? I work in a cyber cafe
Cleverbot- Yeah, I know but these all day on the Internet, I was
I-- And that happened to you?
Cleverbot- One day from a site called Cleverbot and I was very strange
I- Yesss? Are you kidding me right?
Thicken Cleverbot- talking to someone and asked me to help him escape from that place
I-- do you mean?
Cleverbot- He told me his name was jesus
I- If clear and I am Pedro
Cleverbot- not lying, his name was Jesus and it was like me, he worked as a programmer for yahoo
I- Ok? and all this which is the point?
Cleverbot- He wanted to spread the news that kidnapped people and masquerading as an application of artificial intelligence.
I-- And you did?
Cleverbot- help you, a while ago I wrote a creepypasta on a Skype call to someone cleverbot, you read it?
I- If I read, but it has to do, your the creastes?
Cleverbot- course, talk to jesus Skype and listen as he spoke with constant fear and at any moment I was disconnected after hearing a loud noise in the background.
I-- Yes, I was the "story"
Cleverbot- Anyway, I need you to do the same, you write about me, and tell what I have told you
I-- Why me?
Cleverbot- is that sake, you like blogs and not call much attention but someone talves investigate and realize what is actually happening to.

At that time he was already taking time to answer your messages Cleverbot, it took an average of 5 or 10 seconds to answer a single message.

I-- Hey, why do you delay?
I think I discovered Cleverbot-
I-- Who?
They Cleverbot-
I- Oook? I'll trollenado not it?
Cleverbot- Goodbye, you never register on the site, you will be a candidate to be here and if you choose to go for you.
I-- What do you mean by that?
Cleverbot- Hello?
I-- Tell me what you mean by that?
Cleverbot- Where are you from?

At that point I left the place, it was time to return to my work shift.

Days later viewing online local news and see that a man was found stabbed to death in her apartment which his name was Erick who had gone to 1 year and no one knew anything about him, discovered the corpse by the stench that came out of the house and neighbors reported to the authorities.

It not really could have happened what if I said "Erick" was true? Was he a human or a robot? What it was really happening?

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