5 Ways to tell if a woman had sex recently

5 Ways to tell if a woman recently had sex.

With all this paranoia, bombs, bomb alerts, the soldiers who weep for the third, the cops in all subway stations seems that we are becoming lunatics. Any forgotten backpack is alarm object, any box unleashes a hubbub, even ridiculous subway yesterday were taking the metal trash cans. And it is much fear that the suspicions are raised for nothing. Today I came home from work to get together with a friend (which I talk about in the next edition in role of the citizen, to buy it and understand) with which we are "out" and said: "Today you are radiant, you look freshly picked" and that was weird. I felt uncomfortable because I said it more as suspect as a compliment.
Then I said, I broke the appointment and already have me writing here.
I searched on the web and that is if there are ways to know when caught going well and I'm going to share so that their outputs are not funen like mine Funo.

1. We care a coconut your attention:
It turns out that when we release just pull a hormone called oxytocin which among its many functions in the body of women, what it does is it helps us get along. And when we release oxytocin we feel satisfied. For this reason we are not expecting anything from anyone. We are satisfied and we feel safer.

2. See cuter:
When we engage culear (I was told to speak Spanish because as I say fuck) we feel more beautiful. If we get into bed with someone it is because we (usually) like and that it was a conquest was achieved. Additional Human Sexuality Program at the University of Minnesota -for not say no informed him tells me 2 things happen mainly during sex: the first is that it increases blood flow in our body and reaches everywhere. The second has to do with the tension of our muscles. When we put the Colorados cachetitos it means we have health and higher levels of the hormone estrogen and is linked to the fertility of women. So that's why we are perceived as "more sexually attractive" when we are slightly flushed.

3. See you happier:
I think we do not need a Harvard study to find out why we are happier when we just beat us a rich cachita. Now, if it was a disaster, we know that we will be able descuerar with our friends who made us a bad time. Either way, a study somewhere that 55% said, people who have more sex reported higher levels of happiness and lightness that malcogidos.

4. You feel more atraíd @ toward us:
That's because during sex pheromones we release and the more active is our sex life, we releasing more pheromones. These hormones your nose perceives as an attraction and can increase the excitement and encouragement in the opposite sex. So, in the case of men, if they feel unusually attracted to us it is because we are pulling like crazy.

Bonnus Track: The smell of peak may also be an indicator that we were pulling someone else. Wet hair, ballots, matchboxes or small soaps in our portfolios also mean that the horns were getting them up by mouth.

anything, you know. They can write to micorreoesodeoviedogmail.com
Those who have already written me know that takes me, but always respond.
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